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Thread: Its digital heroin: How screens turn kids into psychotic junkies

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    Quote Originally Posted by mAlice View Post
    Oh, yeah. Let's just throw the research out the window because some doctor wrote a book about it, and God forbid, he'll make money on it.

    We cannot deny that some of our modern technology has become an addiction. From the invention of the television, to the cell phone. These are things that we have had to put limits on with our kids. When I was growing up, I was allowed to watch an hour of tv a night, 2 hours a night on weekends. I was allowed to watch cartoons on Saturday morning until my mother chased me out of the house. Had I been allowed to, I would have watched tv all day on Saturday. I would have stayed up late watching tv weeknights, when I had to get up for school the next day.

    As a mother, I found that I needed to apply similar restrictions in our home. First it was just television. Then along came Nintendo. I didn't buy it, my husband did. I told him I didn't care if he bought it, but I wasn't interested. Guess who started spending the majority of her morning playing Super Mario Bros, and not getting the laundry done? I digress. Parents set limits on these things because we understand that it takes away from more important things. We also understand that if you don't put limits on it, then it can become a problem, and for many people, it has.

    We hear jokes and watch movies and YT spoofs on kids and young adults who spend most of their waking hours in front of some electronic device. Computer, video game, cell phone. We now have something called "gaming", because it's "that big". I truly believe that there are people in the world who cannot, or choose not to, control the amount of time spent on the computer, video game, or cell phone. To simply discard an idea because someone is making money from writing about it falls short of logical reasoning.

    Am I going to rush out and buy the book? I have no plans to, but that doesn't mean it won't show up in my library some day. There are thousands of books written by people who have done the research, who have performed the jobs, that the rest of us read about. That's why we build bookshelves in our homes. Because we want to be informed.

    If you don't like the person who wrote the book, fine. Don't buy the book. But don't throw the whole subject out the window as if it has no merit at all. Because it does.
    Thank you and exactly why I posted the article. I have no plans on buying the book and pretty much ignored that part but the information is thought-provoking and the subject interesting. In my everyday life, I see so many kids AND adults absolutely out-of-touch with reality as their world revolves around their electronic gadgets and they are as addicted to them as any drug.

    Don't like that article? How about one of these on technology addiction:

    This is a good and well researched report:

    How about a video?

    Do your own research as I have. Technology can be a great tool if used wisely but it can also lead to tons of problem behaviors. The key is finding a balance and using technology in a healthy and productive way.

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    Quote Originally Posted by vraiblonde View Post
    When the whole story is a lead in to them trying to sell you something, that's a shill. I'm open to research, just not clickbait advertising.
    Ironic, considering how much click-bait advertising is on this site and is used to pay the bills.

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