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Thread: Got Heart Transplant?

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    Maybe something like this will work for you ................Hope all goes well for you.

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    b23 wishing you the best.
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    B23, wishing you the best and hoping all goes well for you. Will be watching for updates.

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    Best wishes to you, I don't know anyone with a heart transplant but I do know someone with a kidney transplantation. It's been a few years now and it has worked out well for him.
    I do understand that after the transplant he now likes and eats lots of cheese.
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    Quote Originally Posted by b23hqb View Post
    Thank you. The process to get to the transplant stage will be drawn out, and resumed today. Still evaluating the heart medicine Primacor being infused directly into my heart 24/7 via IV pump I am now attached to. Inconvenient, but learning to deal with it. No longer allowed to be immersed in water on chest, and showering is a challenge figuring out how to waterproof and tape down the dressing in my chest. So far Glad press and seal-type saran wrap along with clear package tape seems to be the best bet. With all of modern technology, the medical community still has not come up with a some kind of short term waterproof sealer that can just be slapped on the chest. Go figure.
    My mom has the same issue. She has a tunneled catheter for hemodialysis, and it's a real struggle for her at 87 and my dad at 91 to make sure it's sealed for a shower. They've been using saran wrap and duct tape with 'just ok' results. it still gets damp. I'll tell them to try the press-and-seal with the duct tape.

    And good luck with your issues and hope everything moves forward.
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    Quote Originally Posted by General Lee View Post
    Maybe something like this will work for you ................Hope all goes well for you.
    "It must be inordinately taxing to be such a boob."
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    a prayer said bro.
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    Quote Originally Posted by FireBrand View Post
    a prayer said bro.
    Thanks to everybody. Had appt with cardiologists/surgeon/and coordinator with the transplant team. Found out the testing takes about three months to complete, so it will be a process. I looked at that product that General Lee linked, and it would pull the dressing on there off, probably. I figured it would be ok to get the dressing a little wet, maybe, but was informed by the cardiologist that any water leakage through the dressing into the area in the chest with the open hole for the IV tube into the heart is so sad/too bad, sayanara baby. Pretty much instant cardiac arrest. So I plan on being as careful as possible.
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