" The fathers of three fallen Green Berets believe their sons were murdered last year by a Jordanian soldier, and they’ve seen the surveillance video they believe proves it.

“They were ambushed…with accurate and lethal precision,” said Chuck Lewellen, father of Sergeant First Class Matthew Lewellen. “No warning, simply murdered.”

Speaking Tuesday at the National Press Club and flanked by three congressmen, the fathers called for an apology from the Jordanian government, and the stopping all U.S. aid to the country until that happens.

The Jordanian government calls the Nov. 4, 2016 incident that cost the lives of three U.S. troops a “tragic misunderstanding” caused when one of the Jordanian gate guards heard a loud noise and believed the gate to be under attack.

The fathers say the video proves that’s a lie. An FBI investigation into the incident is ongoing, but the military’s own investigation concluded there was no evidence of such loud noise prior to the guard who opened fire, but also could find no evidence to provide a motive for an attack.

The deadly incident at a remote King Faisal Airbase highlights the added risk of the “light footprint” approach of fighting the so-called Islamic State, or any other militant group. When working “by, with and through” local forces, as per the Army Green Beret’s own doctrine, U.S. troops must often rely on the local forces they are training to keep them safe, exposing them to the dangers of insider attacks or ineptitude. "