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Thread: Trump Budget proposes cutting funding for the Chesapeake Bay Clean up

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    Quote Originally Posted by CalvertNewb View Post
    So how would you propose the MD, Va and Del hold Ny , New Jersey and Pa accountable for their negative contributions to the bay if not federally. Do you think that if all those issues are left up to states they have any incentive to not dump in rivers that lead down to us? I believe that just prioritizes those states to worry about their immediate area and not think about how it effects us down river. And I don't think it is fair to burden the states that touch the bay with the cleanup when others contribute as well

    Some mentioned the Save the bay foundation and their overspending. I agree. Programs like praying for the health of the bay are ridiculous, to me it makes more sense to focus on improving the current system and assessing wage then to scrap funding all together
    Leave New Jersey out of this!
    New York claims all their pollutants are cleaned up after the water passes Three Mile Island.

    In all seriousness, the Commerce clause was what was used to justify the EPA's creation and give it the clout it has. But I think that power has gone to their head. Like including New Jersey, they find some reason to intercede in local matters. To dictate how people should lead their lives.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gilligan View Post
    Everyone wants to see long as nothing they are attached to gets cut.


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    Quote Originally Posted by glhs837 View Post
    Like that local group of rich waterfront owners who pulled the bait and switch with Myrtle Point "Hey, county, buy this, would make a great resource, playing fields, water access, yeah, that would be great!!!!"

    "What? Ball fields for the poor kids? Water access for a lot of the rednecks? Cant have that in our neck of the woods, we mean it should be kept in it's natural form"

    not to worry all, I hear Maryland wants to secede from the union. It's my understanding that a super-majority of legislators in Annapolis do not agree with the constitution, law and policies of the Federal government and are therefore willing to withdraw from that union to live by their own rules.
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