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Thread: Favorite Nursery/ especially Local plants

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    Favorite Nursery/ especially Local plants

    I'm going to try to spruce up the yard a bit this spring.

    I'm hoping to use local species as much as possible in the hopes that the deer will leave them alone and I can use less water and spend less time maintaining them.

    Anyone have any recommendations on growers or nursery's?


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    I don't know of any local that have native plants anymore. There was one in St. Leonard but it closed several years ago. I know Homestead Gardens in Davidsonville did but I haven"t been there in years. I will see what I can find that is nearby.

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    Loch Ness Farms in Owings (Calvert County) off Pushaw Station Rd. behind Thursdays restaurant.

    Cheap plants, no frills. My wife only shops there.

    Here's other nurseries in Calvert.
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    Greenstreet Gardens in southern Anne Arundel. They're involved with the BayWise program which emphasizes native plants.
    It's the Lothian one, go north on 2 until you get to the stoplight at 258 (Deale Road), turn left and it's on the left about a mile or so.
    I liked Calvert County better when there were only two stoplights.

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    Listings of nurseries that sell native plants. The only local one I see is The Greenery in Hollywood.

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    Thanks for the tips. I'll check them out. The baywise program sounds interesting and helpful for planning.

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    We just moved away from Calvert after living there for 20 years, and now live in Montgomery.
    We have a split rail fence now on 1/3 acre, (in Calvert we lived on 5 acres with no fence; it doesn't matter) and the deer jump over it. Quite amazing. I fought the deer, and the deer won. Don't plant hostas; that is like the salad bar for deer. It is a shame because hostas take care of themselves and become bigger and more beautiful every year on their own. Oh, well. I used all kinds of critter-away; it would work for a while, but not really; in Mont and Cal. Happy gardening.

    I still get forwarded mail from Wentworths (try calling them; they are pretty good at what they do and may have some answers for you). Miss them, and Calvert. It has always been a horticultural shock to me to walk out in the mornings and see the damage, but then again, I live by live and let live, and say our landscaping is the natural look.
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    My neighbor told me the deer in his yard do the same thing. It's amazing. I've seen them in the yard so I'm sure i will have to fight them off all summer

    I'll try wentworth.

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