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Thread: 5 myths about online copyrights....

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    Quote Originally Posted by officeguy View Post
    What he consistently fails to do is to create something new using the material taken from another site. 'Fair use' allows you to take a piece of someone elses work and incorporate it into your own work. Just cut+paste without your own contribution or discussion is not covered under fair use. There are are no hard rules on what percentage of a work you can take or how much of your own content you have to produce, the courts work under the 'I know it when I see it' system.

    From the editor of Raw of the boys favorite fake news sites.....

    "You're free to share links, but you can't use our copy."

    From WAPO....

    I am following up on your request below. The fees for any Republishing licenses begin at a minimum of $500 and are based on the content requested and the rights required. Please advise how you would like to use the article? Thanks.
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    Quote Originally Posted by vraiblonde View Post
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    No new posts from bongboy in about 10 days......

    In timeout? On hiatus? Whatever it is... he is losing money

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    Quote Originally Posted by Restitution View Post
    No new posts from bongboy in about 10 days......

    In timeout? On hiatus? Whatever it is... he is losing money


    You had to Beetlejuice it, didn't ya?

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