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Thread: Truck Needs New Brake Lines

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    Quote Originally Posted by itsbob View Post
    when you have a failure it's better to have 3 brakes than none.

    Same if its a plane. It's best to have one actuator or control surface not work than all of them
    Well, yeah, that's true. But to me, this seems like a system re-design. Maybe I'm just not grasping the concept.

    Edit: How much does this system upgrade cost, just to buy the kit?
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    Quote Originally Posted by DEEKAYPEE8569 View Post
    Well, yeah, that's true. But to me, this seems like a system re-design. Maybe I'm just not grasping the concept.

    Edit: How much does this system upgrade cost, just to buy the kit?
    Still in prototype and design phase..

    Meaning I'm just talking out my ass.
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    Call Jay.
    He is right there in Callaway.

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    We went through this with my kids 4X4 Ranger last fall, I had him crimp off ( with Channel locks ) the main line going down the frame rail to the rear of the truck and he drove it to Guy Motors in Mechanicsville. To replace a the rear solid & flexible lines, wheel cylinders, flush and bleed was 400 bucks. Even that sucked, but his daddy's shop is 700 miles away.
    No one cares.

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    Have you considered a GoFundMe page?

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    Looks like you can get a set of stainless lines for 300 or less from summit, add a good set of line wrench's and do it yourself.

    I did the rear in the last two duallys I owned and I fished the new line between the fuel tank and the frame.
    No one cares.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grumpy View Post
    Have you considered a GoFundMe page?
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    No one cares.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DEEKAYPEE8569 View Post
    Just talked to Winegardner.....$1200-$1800.....just for labor!

    "Well.....when brake lines are replaced, we replace both of them." I get it. Just because one brake line is bad; doesn't mean the other one's not gonna go south after the currently broken one's replaced. I understand the reasoning; but.....the labor costs alone are UN-FRIGGIN-REAL! OFW I guess.....

    Me: "The truck needs to be towed to your shop; can't drive it." So that's more $$ just to get it towed to L'town. I'm guessing a total bill for this will be $3000+ by the time everything's done. Sound about right gearheads?
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    I replace or build new brake lines all the time. Stainless or CuNi...never the junk they sell at Autozone. Figger about $300 for an entire truck...

    On the other hand..I also build hydroboost brake upgrade systems from scratch that cost a little this one I finished a couple weeks ago...

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    Quote Originally Posted by itsbob View Post
    Him too?
    Yes, I'm so proud of him, sniff. Lol. You can find some helpful stuff on there. I fixed the dryer and the washer with YouTube's help. BTW, that patch is hilarious. Coincidentally he just put new brakes and rotors on my Altima this weekend. Second time he's done the rotors for me. Also, used YouTube :)

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