Cowboys' Jerry Jones reportedly wants NFL to drop its ban on marijuana use

After years of trying to get the NFL to overturn its marijuana policy, the NFLPA might finally have someone in its corner who can actually make that happen: Cowboys owner Jerry Jones.

According to Pro Football Talk, Jones and the NFLís 31 other owners held a private meeting at the Annual League Meeting in Phoenix last week, and during that private meeting, Jones told the other owners that he wants the NFL to ďdrop its prohibition on marijuana use.Ē

Jones, who is already one of the most powerful owners in the NFL, probably just became the most popular among players with that one statement. Despite the fact that Jones wants the marijuana policy to change, apparently, he was reminded by his fellow owners that a change wonít be coming anytime soon because itís something that would have to be collectively bargained.
I just want to watch a bunch of stoned 300lb goons, with their helmets on backwards, giving a damn about winning or losing.