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Thread: Chelsea Clinton Gives Advice on How Millennial Women Can Be as Successful as Her

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    Chelsea Clinton Gives Advice on How Millennial Women Can Be as Successful as Her

    Hey, ladies... you too can ask for raises and advance your careers.

    "It’s better to ask and be told ‘no’ than to not ask at all, and to recognize that you’re not alone," she said.

    Clinton's jobs have apparently valued her quite well. Clinton was first hired at 23 by top consulting firm McKinsey & Company, earning a $120,000 annual salary. She was their youngest hire and made as much as fellow employees with MBA degrees, even though she only had a bachelor's in history.

    In 2006, she moved on to work at hedge fund Avenue Capital Group, run by high-powered Democratic billionaire Marc Lasry. Lasry has contributed more than $460,000 to Democratic causes since the 1990's.

    Most infamously, Clinton was hired by NBC as a special correspondent to the tune of $600,000 annually, or approximately $26,724 for every minute she was on air. Among her most probing interviews was her grilling of the Geico gecko.
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