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Thread: Solar for the home

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    Quote Originally Posted by SamSpade View Post
    There's like a quarter inch between the drywall and the cinder block the exterior brick is attached to - ....
    My house is similar, the ground floor and walk-out basement were cinder block with furring strips attached, hard 1" styrofoam and paneling. So far, I've ripped it down in 2 dens and the basement, down to bare cement, DryLoc'd the walls, built real 2x4 walls with insulation and 1/2" sheetrock. Just that little bit made all the difference in the world, along with new windows. I'd like to do the outside walls in my family room next.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gilligan View Post
    I'm putting the same kind of system together to provide the lighting power for a new garage and storage building we're putting up on our "off the grid" island. I figured it was easier than trenching a power line the 200' from the generator shed. The component parts are pretty cheap nowadays...I bought a package deal of panels plus automatic battery charger and then some golf cart batters and a cheapo power inverter.
    What's gotten popular out here for pole barn and remote buildings is the prop wind turbines. Looks like all aluminum on about a 30' pole, farmers exspecially seem to use them on buildings that just arn't convenient or cost effective to run electric to.
    My place I have a old Aeromotor wind turbine that I rebuilt a few years ago to keep a remote stock tank full. My kid and I have played around with a few delcotron alternators to see what it will spin. With about 10+ mph wind I can easily spin a 90+ amp alternator.
    Since I'm not their all the time I just don't want do deal with more battery's in my life.
    Maybe in retirement. Have fun with your project.
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    I just reported you. You are one scary individual.

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    At $400/month you may come out ahead. I keep getting accosted by the solar city type people. My electric bill runs between $90-$140 dollars and my house is covered by trees, no way it would work out for me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Chris0nllyn View Post
    Thank you..
    Originally Posted by littlelady View Post
    I just reported you. You are one scary individual.

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