We are proud to announce that Calvert Hospice has attained Level 4 Partner status with the We Honor Veterans program. We Honor Veterans is a collaboration between local hospice organizations and the Veterans Administration (VA) in which hospices make reaching and honoring veterans a priority. Calvert Hospice has been involved with the program since 2012 and has now attained the highest level available.

Reaching Level 4 status means that Calvert Hospice has educated staff, volunteers, and community members about veterans' issues at the end of life. We accomplished this in several ways: In-services and presentations at staff meetings, presentations at all volunteer trainings, veteran to veteran specific trainings, and community outreach events to local nursing homes and other organizations. Reaching this goal required time, effort, and energy from many staff members and volunteers. We are so thankful to each and every person who helped us!

We are always looking for people who want to help with our We Honor Veterans program. If you would like to become a vet to vet volunteer, please contact Amanda Peterson at apeterson@calverthospice.org or (410) 535-0892 ext. 4003.