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    Quote Originally Posted by stgislander View Post
    I'm really having issues with Yahoo Mail lately. I admit I'm using older PCs, but their front end seems to be getting slower and slower. They now want me to use their brand new front end, but I'm afraid it will be unusable on my older machines.
    Since our move we had to switch to AT&T for our DSL and they use Yahoo as their email server. I think part of the reason for the new Yahoo front end was due to the security breach they experienced last year. I have switched to the new front end and there have been no problems. I also use MS Office Outlook on my main computer and Thunderbird on a computer I use for travel to retrieve the Pop mail from Yahoo and have not noticed any speed problems.
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    Quote Originally Posted by b23hqb View Post
    What state do you live in? A year ago in April all Verizon customers in Ca, Tx, and Fl, just coincidentally the three largest populated states that used Verizon e mail were forced to AOL - sold out. I'm used to AOL now, but I wonder which other states have been dropped to pad the upper profit margin for Verizon. The cable TV was also sold to Frontier Communications. Is that your situation as well?
    I live in Maryland. My cable TV company is Comcast. Don't know of any changes happening there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by softtouch View Post
    I live in Maryland. My cable TV company is Comcast. Don't know of any changes happening there.
    Comcast has email you might want to consider using; I haven't had any notification of the end of email, in fact they just did some sort of upgrade (I didnt pay attention to the details, since I generally use my Gmail account.) The Comcast storage isn't as good as AOL - I have AOL emails that are in the 10 year old range (I know that seems odd, but when I update my SF86 I've kept contact emails in there because I'm too lazy to transfer them somewhere else, probably because I know they're in my AOL email in a folder)
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    Quote Originally Posted by PeoplesElbow View Post
    FYI there are no changes if you use a POP Client such as Outlook Express to download your email to your computer if you go ahead and do the suggested transition to AOL.

    When using webmail you will use the AOL page, which is a lot better than Verizon and now I can access my Verizon email on my phone easier with the AOL app. I thought it was going to be a pain too and annoy me too, but it turns out to be a non issue/win.
    I'm using Mozilla Thunderbird, which is apparently no longer owned by Mozilla. Outlook 2013 suuuucks, and TBird is an acceptable replacement.
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    Well I took the move to AOL option and it has been pretty painless so far.

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    I have not seen this notice from Verizon. Our internet service is through Verizon (DSL).
    AT&T already busted my triple play discount, if they drop email I may be forced to make the change to <gag> Metrocrap.
    If I have to go through the pain of transferring to a new email address, I might as well drop my land line and go with the cable internet.
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    Quote Originally Posted by softtouch View Post
    Well I took the move to AOL option and it has been pretty painless so far.
    what are the other options?
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    Quote Originally Posted by BernieP View Post
    what are the other options?
    Find another email provider, and letting everybody know what your new email address is.

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    Verizon e-mail notice:

    Over the next several weeks we will be preparing to leave the email business. Effective May 13, 2017, we'll no longer provide email service for your account. Other than this change, your Verizon service(s) won't be affected.

    We have two options for you to consider. Please review both options and take action today to avoid losing access to your email.

    Choosing an option is easy.
    1.Click here to sign into your email account.
    2.Simply select Keep email address or Use any other email provider to complete the setup.

    Option 1. Keep your current email address with AOL Mail.

    By choosing this option you will:
    •Keep your email address
    •Migrate to AOL Mail
    •Retain email, contacts and calendar(s) automatically

    Option 2. Use any other email provider.

    By choosing this option, you will:
    •No longer be able to use your current email address
    •Establish an account with a mail provider of your choosing like or Gmail
    •Manually move your email, contacts and calendar(s)

    To confirm this message is valid, visit and select Announcements under the Tools section at the bottom of the page.

    Have questions? More information can be found at

    Take action by May 13, 2017 or you'll lose access to your
    email account.

    Don't wait; act now.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BernieP View Post
    I have not seen this notice from Verizon. Our internet service is through Verizon (DSL).
    Same here. I read the note SoftTouch copied as "your account", not all Verizon accounts. Sounds like a phased approach.
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