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Thread: Lawyer says O'Reilly target of 'character assassination' by far-left groups

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    Quote Originally Posted by Larry Gude View Post
    Tell that to Paula and Kathleen and all Bill's 'babes'.
    Bill is a bit of an exception - you have to wonder what Kathleen was thinking, when you believe Bill had something to do with your husband's death.
    Insults are the arguments employed by those who are in the wrong". Jean-Jacques Rousseau

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    Hey, who doesn't like hot chocolate?
    Even if Donald Trump wins all the toss up states, he would still lose - R. Madcow 11/16

    Monello thinks he is king of the forum, now. Just keep that in mind.
    Be kind to the unhappy progressives and Democrats in your life.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Larry Gude View Post
    Tell that to Paula and Kathleen and all Bill's 'babes'.
    one was sexual assault [ Grouped] the other was harassment [Jones was propositioned and Clinton Exposed himself to her]

    Quote Originally Posted by Larry Gude View Post
    or the 'good' old days when women would just do what was expected so they could keep their job?
    I don't see where either was 'putting out' to keep a JOB - maybe you meant JFK
    Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.
    - Robert J. Hanlon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by vraiblonde View Post
    That is such bull####. We could so be rich right now.
    No ####! Oh well, at least I have my pride. :sigh:
    Darling, if you want to talk bollocks and discover the meaning of life, you're better off downing a bottle of whiskey. At least that way, you're unconscious by the time you start to take yourself seriously. ......Patsy Stone ABFAB Goddess

    It isn't difficult to make a mountain out of a molehill, just add a little dirt.

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    Quote Originally Posted by vraiblonde View Post
    See, this is why we suck. How many opportunities to cash in have you just blown off and left that money laying in the road? I can't count how many times some guy with enough wealth to make it worth my while has hit on me or been vulgar in my presence, and I either played it off or cussed him instead of getting paid.

    That is such bull####. We could so be rich right now.
    Keep in mind, in many cases you'd have been offered a settlement paid out in 10oz budweiser and pork rinds.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PsyOps View Post
    O'Reilly does have a huge ego, but I don't have the first the size of his weewee.
    I personally would not have claimed to know the size of Bill's weewee, but then I don't work in the office.
    If diversity were such a strength, why do blacks preach “solidarity”?

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    There is an old joke about a guy on the street that asks every woman that passes by for sex. He gets his face slapped., His Buddy says I bet you get your face slapped a lot. The guy says yeah I do. But I get a lot of sex too.

    Maybe that is why O'Reilly kept trying, but things have changed today, women are empowered.
    And Bill is out of a job.

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    Now if only some women would come out and accuse Rachel Maddow of sexual harassment.
    "Pain heals. Chicks dig scars. Glory... lasts forever." - Shane Falco

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    Quote Originally Posted by Christy View Post
    I have never been a fan of O'Reilly and just can't stand watching him. Not because of the content, just because his demeanor and his voice is like fingernails down the chalkboard. With that being said, I am somewhat annoyed with these women. Are they so delicate and fragile that you can't tell a dirty old man to f*%k off? Are you so weak that you need a million+ dollar payout? I know, I know, I'm "victim shaming", but seriously, it's embarrassing to me as a woman. I am a woman who is perfectly capable of surviving through a man making off color, or even vulgar (gasp) remarks, even those directed specifically towards me. I have heard a lot and have never felt fearful or threatened, and if any of these women did, and they took a payout, then shame on them because they should have done more about it than sue for some cash.

    Anyway. I'll hop off my soapbox now.
    I like O'Reilly, but I completely agree with the rest of your post. When that kind of thing happened to me in the past, I didn't run off crying about it to HR, I just nipped it in the bud right then and there.

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