'The Nation' Just Ran The CRAZIEST Headline You've Ever Seen About Gassing People

When you’re a leftist, making outlandish claims comes with the territory, but The Nation has really outdone itself. This week, an article in The Nation actually equated the deadliness of the poison gas that Syrian president Bashar al-Assad launched to slaughter his enemies with carbon dioxide emissions.

The headline read: “The Other Poison Gas Killing Syrians: Carbon Dioxide Emissions,” and was subtitled, “If Trump and his cronies really cared about children killed by noxious gases, they wouldn’t be trying to spew ever more CO2 into the atmosphere.”

How in tarnation did The Nation have the gall to equate gases that immediately murdered children and adults to carbon dioxide emissions? Here are some ways:

  1. By claiming the drought that afflicted Syria from 2007 to 2010 catalyzed 1.5 million farmers and farmworkers to leave rural areas and move to cities such as Homs and Hama. Unable to find work, they joined demonstrations against the regime, some joining militias opposed to the government. How The Nation connects the killing of people for political reasons into a climate change problem is inexplicable.
  2. A massive flood in Pakistan in 2010, which killed 2,000 people, made 20 million homeless. That flood, of course, must have been triggered by global warming, according to The Nation, which acidly comments, “If Trump is tenderhearted about dead children, perhaps he should consider those his beloved coal industry helped to drown at that time.”
  3. Claiming the 5.17 billion metric tons of carbon dioxide the U.S. released in 2016 was the equivalent of setting off 393,000 atomic bombs every day of the year last year. The Nation somehow failed to find the massive number of victims from those bombs that would surpass the number of Syrians who have died from sarin gas, but no matter.