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Thread: Passing on The Shoulder

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    Quote Originally Posted by BernieP View Post
    speaking of hot mess and passing on the right;
    In some communities the shoulders of the road are painted with lanes for pedestrian and bicycles.
    Is it acceptable to pass on the right using those lanes?

    I equate it with using the sidewalk to pass on the right.
    Is it acceptable for bicyclists to temporarily use a travel lane if the shoulder is blocked, e.g. due to a temporary sign ?

    Why should lane use be exclusive ? Of course, there is risk in passing on the shoulder as you can't see around the vehicle in the travel lane. It just has to be don with care that you don't nail someone emptying his mailbox.

  2. 04-24-2017, 01:26 AM

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    What is going to be next? Driving off road?
    Like I said, JMO, yo! - Roman

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    Quote Originally Posted by Toxick View Post
    I knew it was against the law.

    Because right here in this very forum* I made a complete jackass out of myself arguing that it was not against the law.
    Then I did research and saw that I was wrong.

    And I had to degrade and demean myself by apologizing in front of God and everyone like I was some kind of filthy clueless peasant.

    *Or one of the forums. I think it was here.
    Like I said, JMO, yo! - Roman

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    Quote Originally Posted by RGG_jr View Post
    Sorry. Not sure which part of 'that' you're referring to. I just want a law passed requiring signal use always as I feel it's as much of a problem as distracted driving is--at least. I'd never advocate police pulling people over when unsafe to do so, no mater the circumstances.
    If you want a law passed, take that up with your local legislators. It will take a little more effort than posting on a forum but if you really wanted it, don't make excuses, try to make it happen. You'd be surprised at the number of new laws that get passed because someone woke up one morning and thought, " I just want a law passed.....".
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    Quote Originally Posted by littlelady View Post
    That is so dumb.

    Quote Originally Posted by littlelady View Post
    Don't the law makers have more important things to be talking about?
    Yes, and they have; however, this new law didn't come from nowhere. My guess is that a citizen, or citizens, just like you and me availed themselves of the legislative process and it worked.


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    Quote Originally Posted by GWguy View Post
    Unless I'm mistaken, the official bike lanes are solid lines on both sides. If it's a solid line between the car lane and the bike lane that would fall into the 'do not cross it' realm.
    Tell that to the azzhats that cross them every single day when they try to sneak into traffic right before the signal light after riding that right lane at 70MPH!
    Quote Originally Posted by Larry Gude View Post
    I post stupid #### all the time.

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    Let's face it folks.....
    Texting while driving is going to continue here.
    Passing on the right; bike lane or no bike lane; is going to continue here.
    Changing lanes without signaling (or looking beforehand) is going to continue here.
    Well, there's three.....
    If all you are gonna do is give me grief about what I post DON'T READ IT Heh? Have a nice day :-D

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