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Thread: Nobody Works in One in Five U.S. Families

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    I know this is beyond the comprehension of all on here...but for anyone who may actually have the mental capacity to think beyond their political persuasion...

    This is the base document referred to in GURPS propaganda:

    Go look over it yourself. Does it say anywhere in the document the reasons for a "household" not have an employed person in it? Again, I know most on here can't think...they can only be told what to think...but here are reasons why a household would have no one employed:

    1. Retirement...

    2. College.

    It's amazing how many times this gets pointed out and the lot of you still can't understand.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Monello View Post
    I bet few of those people are living in rural areas. Unless you include people that have already retired from a lifetime of work.
    Exactly, there are so many SR citizens where I live.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DallasRed View Post
    Exactly, there are so many SR citizens where I live.
    Where do you live? Dallas?
    "Is Uncle Monello homeless?"

    Monello thinks he is king of the forum, now. Just keep that in mind.
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    If I may ...

    Quote Originally Posted by SoMDGirl42 View Post
    and that trend will continue as long as we have them sucking off the tit of welfare. Why would they work, they get free housing, free food, free electric, free health care, free education. They live better than I do, and I work full time. If they'd use welfare the way it was intended, as a helping hand, and not a hand out then these lazy bums might have to get a job. As it is, it's easy money for them. They've been raised on welfare, and know how to bleed it for every single penny. But they can get their nails and hair done, buy rims for their cars, put in new sound systems and have big screen TVs to watch while they're sitting back getting high. So sick of watching people swipe their "independence" card to buy steak, while I'm buying hamburger. If you are able bodied, you should have to work X amount of work to receive benefits. And they should be drug tested periodically. And if you pop out another kid while on welfare, your benefits shouldn't be increased. You get free healthcare, you have access to free birth control.
    Allow my to assist you in your ignorance. The trend will continue as long as there is a fiat currency used in this country. We really do live in the Matrix. And you have yet to take the red pill. Our monetary system, the Federal Reserve System, (Owned and operated by a group of private central bankers and not part of the Federal Government), is designed as such that there will always be those that can't make it, even those able bodied. While money is created out of thin air by the loan creation process, the interest necessary to pay back loans is not. [NOTE: All fiat money in existence is the product of a loan taken out somewhere, by someone, or some entity at sometime.] The process of paying off loans reduces the amount of money, (currency), in circulation. When the amount of money in circulation is not maintained, or in today's case, allowed to be contracted by restricting new loans (ie, new money created), there is misery all around. Unemployment increases, the welfare rolls increase, homelessness increases. Even when everything is running optimally in the banking sector, the ratios of loan repayment to loan creation to attempt to manipulate and keep the monetary supply even, an impossibility, there is still misery. Basically, I'd say, 90-95% of the problems with people being on welfare, of all types, is not their fault, but the fault of the banking and financial sector and a complicit government. Welfare programs were created to placate. Programs created by government to hide the true cause of many of societal ills, private central banks ... The Federal Reserve System. Programs to give just enough support and hope to people so that they would never question, or believe, the real reason why they are in the position they are in.

    Just so you don't feel so bad, there is a fiat currency system used in pretty much every country in the world. Misery all over the world.

    Have you ever driven around the area here and seen those hand painted signs that say, "End the Fed!" The above is a small explanation of the reason why. It is an evil and insidious system that drains the economic vitality and wealth of the working people, the industrious people, the inventors and innovators, and transfers all that wealth to a very small group of private bankers for their own benefit and enjoyment who do not work. They are stealing from us everyday. Our own government is allowing them to steal from us everyday. And you, in essence, are blaming your neighbor for being lazy when it is our own government and bankers you should be blaming.
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