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If I may ...

No one ever, who lives in Calvert County, says, "the White Sands subdivision in Lusby". Ever. It's always just White Sands.
That is where you are wrong...because I said it that way!

And the reason I said it that way is because this isn't the Calvert county online forum, it's the Southern MD online forum and everyone that reads it isn't from Calvert and some people may not know where White Sands is. I certainly don't know where all of the subdivisions in Charles and St Mary's are.

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And these gimmicks you say you are using cost more in time than the savings they promise.
That is a matter of personal opinion. I have already cashed out $60 just from Ibotta since I joined in March. I don't have kids and I am not much of a TV watcher so spending a few extra minutes when I get home from the store to scan barcodes and upload a picture is worth it to me to save a couple of bucks. Right now they offer a $3 rebate on an 18 pack(or larger)of Budweiser or Bud light. I am not much of a beer drinker but I know there are plenty of Bud light drinkers in my area because I stop and pick up the aluminum cans on the side of the road in my area. I'm sure that collecting cans isn't worthwhile for most people either but I do it for the pocket money and to clean up litter.