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Thread: cutting out sodas

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    Quote Originally Posted by warneckutz View Post
    Hmmmm... never heard of a Bob.
    Back in the 90's... He later sold it and he's retired now. I still run into him around town.
    Quote Originally Posted by kom526 View Post
    Dear Baby Jesus lying in a crib in Bethlehem,
    I thank your divine intervention that I was not drinking anything when I read this post.

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    If I may ...

    Quote Originally Posted by Bman View Post
    I had blood work done as part of a normal checkup late last year and my sugar numbers were borderline diabetic and my Dr. suggested a change in my diet and weight loss. At one point I was drinking about 6 cans of soda per day, I cut down to 2-3 per day for a while. It was hard but a few months ago I cut out all sodas for over 3 weeks and switched to water with lemon or cucumber in it. Now I will drink maybe 2 sodas per week and that is usually if I stop for fast food lunch and almost always drink plain water now. I lost over 20lbs pretty quickly in the first month or so but then the weight loss leveled out. an added benefit, I have noticed that my memory seems better without all of the sugar or caffeine or whatever else isn't in my system now. I can't even drink a Mountain Dew now...YUK!!!
    You are now the poster child for the anti-HFCS (high fructose corn syrup) crusade and what happens when it is cut form the human diet. Good on you. Now, try to cut out everything else that has HFCS in it. The best way is to just eat things made in nature, minimally processed. For a faux soda fix, try flavored sparking water. All the tingly with nothing added.
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