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Thread: 'Dilbert' Cartoon Mocks the Cult of Global Warming

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    'Dilbert' Cartoon Mocks the Cult of Global Warming

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    Even though science gets things wrong all the time (remember when coffee, eggs, butter, and salt were bad for you?), even though the planet is billions of years old and goes through warming and cooling cycles (ice age, anyone?), even though those who pretend to believe most in Global Warming do not act like it by continuing to live and invest on the same coasts they claim will soon flood (Hi CNN!), even though science is incapable of predicting tomorrow's weather with any impressive degree of accuracy this Global Warming thing they got nailed!

    Scott Adams, the high-profile Trump supporter who created Dilbert, uses his art here to make a crucially important point. Not only how faulty the science around Climate Change is, but that those who have any degree of confidence in their beliefs, those who have real answers to legitimate questions, do not immediately resort to name-calling.

    The Gaia Cult Of The Warming Planet does not freak out over those of us who know it is all a hoax because they are worried about the fate of the planet. If that were the case, if they were truly worried about the effect of carbon on our survival, they would move from the coasts to Middle America, they would act like people who know a catastrophe is imminent through their own behavior. They don't because they know better than anyone that it is all a hoax -- one created to further the left-wing cause of an authoritarian central government.

    The real reason they freak out is because they do not have all the answers, they cannot suitably explain the fact that almost every scientific model has been proven wrong, they cannot wish away the naked corruption exposed by the "hide the decline" emails.

    'Dilbert' Cartoon Mocks the Cult of Global Warming
    Were tempted to suggest a conspiracy here but its just liberals agreeing yet again that conservatives have hidden, evil motives, because modern liberals simply cant conceive of any other reason to disagree with the liberal consensus.

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    Nailed it.
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