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Thread: Cummings telegraphs to the press

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    17 Intelligence Agencies! 17 Intelligence Agencies!

    Maybe you should read the transcript of Clapper's May 8 testimony.

    Clapper says the assessment was produced by three agencies (NSA, CIA, FBI) and they didn't submit it for signing off to any other agencies.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tommyjo View Post

    Umm...what words didn't you understand?
    Your words. I don't understand your words. You! I don't understand YOU. Please help me understand.
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    Umm...what words didn't you understand? What part of what is going on don't you get??? Here let me wrap this up in a little bow for you...

    all 17 intelligence agencies signed off that they believe the Russian govt interfered in our Presidential election. No dumbass, that does NOT mean they stuffed the ballot box. It means they used fake info to influence teeny tiny little minds (3/4 of the people on here still think Hillary Clinton has parkinsons)

    ...the way things LOOK, the way the President in ACTING...isn't that of an innocent person or a person who thinks those around him are innocent.

    So...what Mr. Cummings meant...since you can't understand that we know the Russians exerted influence over our election...and the President or his staff MAY have helped...THAT is a threat to our democracy. THE details of what happened MUST be understood...the Russian thing MUST NOT be allowed to occur in the future (although how that happens with such teeny tiny little minds infecting our electorate is beyond me)...IF (understand what that means...morons)...IF the current President or his staff helped the Russians...then people need to go...and some of them may need to go to jail.

    Do you understand yet?? Do you get it? You voted for Trump...the guy may have cheated...isn't that something you should WANT to know and understand??? You people go nuts over an under inflated football...but you don't care if a guy may have cheated to win the Presidency?? Is that a lesson you want to teach your kids? "It's ok to cheat Johhny...just don't get caught."

    One way or another that now has to be....Trump (no one else, TRUMP) forced this hand and the appointment of the special counsel...his idiotic firing of Comey and his asinine comments proclaimed he did it because of the Russian investigation left no choice. If you had any brains...any at would clearly see that. HE backed Rosenstein into a corner...not the media...not "snowflakes" has been the case for roughly 120 days...Trump has been his one worst enemy.
    Would you please name these 17 intelligence agencies.?

    I think you read that somewhere, maybe huffpo or some other left wing site and took it as fact.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tommyjo View Post
    all 17 intelligence agencies signed off that they believe the Russian govt interfered in our Presidential election.

    NO ToJAM ... that has been proven a LIE ...... there were NO 17 agencies signing off on anything

    AND that report was fabricated by some trolls on 4Chan
    Weíre tempted to suggest a conspiracy here ó but itís just liberals agreeing yet again that conservatives have hidden, evil motives, because modern liberals simply canít conceive of any other reason to disagree with the liberal consensus.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PsyOps View Post

    Your words. I don't understand your words. You! I don't understand YOU. Please help me understand.
    She's getting more and more desperate. She knows that she's being paid too much. But without the extra Soros money, her disability check just isn't enough.
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