WATCH: Reporter Asks Trump Budget Director Mulvaney About Cutting Environmental Funding. Mulvaney PULVERIZES Him.

Asked about taxpayer funding of “climate science” by a news media correspondent during a Tuesday press conference, Mick Mulvaney waxed comedic in framing it as at least partially wasteful.

Partial transcript below:

REPORTER: Can you characterize the treatment of climate science programs and cuts to those, and do you describe those as a taxpayer raise?

MULVANEY: You tell me. I think the National Science Foundation last year used your taxpayer money to fund a climate change musical. Do you think that’s a waste of your money?

REPORTER: What about climate science …?

MULVANEY: I’ll take that as a yes, by the way.

Left-wing and Democrat-aligned news media outlets regularly use the term “climate change” as a euphemism for anthropogenic global warming, framing as axiomatic that the burning of fossil fuels meaningfully contributes to a warming of the globe. It is further stated and implied that this phenomenon has caused catastrophes — from the civil war in the failed state of Syria to hurricanes such as Katrina and Sandy — which will invariably worsen.


Wasteful spending on “welfare” and “entitlement” programs via exploitation and fraud was also being targeting by the Trump administration for termination, said Mulvaney:

“We are not kicking anybody off of any program who really needs it. We have plenty of money in this country to take care of the people who need help, and we will do that. We don’t have enough money to take care of people who don’t need help.”