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    Anyone EVER have any luck with antennas? I got a cheap one off Amazon today hoping to get *something* but so far, no luck.
    I prefer indoor mainly because hooking one outside might be more work than I care for.
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    Try orienting your antenna North (yeah, use a compass) and 15 degrees CCW from there. That would be Balto. and DC., your best bets. Then try up to 20 degrees CW from North. That's Salsbury. Be aware that if you have plaster walls, there MAY BE a metal mesh upon which the plaster was spread that will block any hopes of a signal indoors.

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    It's been about 3 years but I've had some luck with an outdoor 4-bay bowtie style antenna mounted 15' above ground with a pre-amp. in Lexington Park (area of Suburban/Westbury). While I was able to pickup most DC stations, none were reliable. The most reliable (actually very reliable) were from across the bay in Salisbury.
    I say, with an indoor antenna, you'd need to be 15 miles or closer to the broadcast tower.
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    That's all I use right now. I tried an indoor antenna, not enough gain down here. I have a small roof antenna with an amp and rotor. Because the transmitting stations are so far apart and pretty far away, the rotor is really required if you want to get more than a couple of channels.

    The indoor antennas are usually UHF only. You need UHF/VHF to get channels 2-13 as well as 14-66.
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    I have one that I paid over 100 bucks for over 20 years ago. It will easily get stations 30 miles away.
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    Got another one inexpensively - seems like there's no way with an INDOOR antenna.
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