His kid is a little nutty also. Perhaps he will get some much needed love in the pokey. Seeing how he's a submariner good chance it isn't his first rodeo. What happens on deployment at the bottom of the ocean stays on deployment.

A high-ranking submarine warfare officer was sent to prison for eight years after being convicted of sexual abuse charges. He repeatedly tried to get together with a teenage girl he met at her summer job on a U.S. Navy base in Italy, the Navy said Friday.Capt. Alan Dorrbecker was found guilty of multiple counts of sexual abuse and assault of a child, one count of violating orders, and of conduct unbecoming an officer and a gentleman during a court-martial this week at Naval Station Norfolk.

Dorrbecker also will forfeit his pay and be dismissed from the Navy, marking the end of an otherwise distinguished career that included commanding the attack submarine USS Greeneville and serving two years in the Office of the Chief of Naval Operations at the Pentagon.

Charge sheets say Dorrbecker sexually abused and assaulted the girl beginning in August 2015 when he sent her several lewd emails and attempted to meet with her in November and December of that year.
“I want to hold you close, feel your skin, gently caress your cheek, smell the fragrance of your hair,” Dorrbecker wrote, according to the documents. “My thoughts have more akin to our embrace, imagining what you smell like, the fragrance of your hair, feeling the supple curves of your body melding next to mine, feeling the warmth in your breathing, and the moistness of your lips.”

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His kooky kid
The son of a Navy submarine commander has been accused of mutilating a cat and writing a message with its blood on a sidewalk.
Kittery Police Chief Edward Strong said 20-year-old Matthew Dorrbecker was discovered by an officer carrying a bag containing bloody items, including a kitchen knife. Foster’s Daily Democrat reports he is accused of strangling a black cat before using its drained blood to scrawl the message: “Stop please. He made me. My mind.” Police followed a trail of blood into some woods and found the dead animal.

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