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Thread: I need to get this off my chest

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    Quote Originally Posted by SamSpade View Post
    Can anyone identify a large city - that clearly - *succeeds*?
    Denver, San Diego, Portland, Seattle, Phoenix, Salt Lake City, There are others, but there is also a common denominator if you look.
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    Quote Originally Posted by vraiblonde View Post
    Beers at Krakken bar with Bird Dog. For all of you who wondered, he's normal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bird Dog View Post
    When they were like the cities that are gentrifying. Being repopulated by people of all races. Fixing up the buildings and homes turning our cities into thriving vibrant places to live and work. Entrepreneurs creating jobs.

    ...and of course we know who's bitching about all this.
    You are exactly right . If people come in and help restore the cities they will be condemned for moving out the trash that's living there now.
    So many of these cities turned to hell holes after the block busting of the 60's, when city dwellers created the suburbs because they were run out of the cities.

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    Quote Originally Posted by awpitt View Post
    When were any of our cities ever thriving and vibrant? If you look at the history of cities, you'll find that the problem is far more then "blacks", Democrats, Republicans, or etc.
    Are you kidding? All of them were, at one point, amazing cities with industry and a solid working class. Detroit wasn't always a #### hole. When Chicago was Capone territory, that was at least confined and didn't bleed into the residents. Baltimore used to be Charm City. And Paterson, NJ used to be a major industrial center, manufacturing everything from silk to aircraft parts. Those factories are all boarded up now, and their windows busted out; and the former factory workers now stand around in front of the liquor store all day or took to selling drugs.

    In my original rant, I left off...immigrants.

    You can look at any set of statistics you want: the more colorful the population, the more crime, drugs, and poverty there will be. AND they will be overwhelmingly voting for Democrats. Because, you know, those Democrats are promising to lead them out of poverty....some day.
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    I like vrai's "white devil".

    my new word for the day. the white devil

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    Its true. There are examples from every state in the country. Look at DC after the 68 riots or Baltimore after Freddy Gray. Even a dog knows not to $hit where he eats. They burn, destroy, loot and demolish and than biotch because their town is a shathole!!! They want government funding to rebuild it again. Its not just the blacks either, there are some real white trash idiots out there who do the same thing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by beachcat View Post
    I like vrai's "white devil".

    my new word for the day. the white devil
    The original white devil!
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    "You die and go to heaven, I'll stay here in Bermuda".

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    Quote Originally Posted by SamSpade View Post
    Can anyone identify a large city - that clearly - *succeeds*?
    Seattle, Salt Lake City, Austin, Lincoln, and a few more.
    "Is Uncle Monello homeless?"

    Monello thinks he is king of the forum, now. Just keep that in mind.
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    If I may ...

    Quote Originally Posted by GURPS View Post
    so only 'REAL' Blacks live in the Ghetto Gotcha
    Got some here as well. Take the Lusby Giant. You all know the "car with infant" parking spots? Reserved for parents with infants? They are always parking in those spots. Seems lots of black folks can't read around these parts. Or that simply nothing applies to them because they are black. Maybe a better term to call them is, non-white?
    If the military wanted you to have a spouse, or family, they would have issued you one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by vraiblonde View Post
    Today Monello and I took a ride to Paterson, NJ, which is a war zone hell hole but has a cute little falls area that we wanted to see. We stopped into the historic center/museum, where we were promptly treated to a racial/political the African American docent.

    The US is the most racist country in the world; Donald Trump is a racist and we all know what he means by "making America great again" (bringing back slavery); white people suck; blah blah blah.

    There were a number of responses I could have made, but I really had no interest in engaging him or standing there talking to him any longer. Dude, all we want to do is see the history of Paterson, not listen to your list of racial grievances.

    A couple of things:

    It's a disgrace the way Democrats and black people have ruined their cities. Baltimore, Detroit, NYC, Chicago...once thriving vibrant cities are now war zone #### holes with crime, drugs, and poverty. I know they try to blame that on the white devil, but they did that chit themselves. Nobody else did that to them, THEY did it. They not only have no pride, but they revel in their degradation and filth. They should be ashamed of what they've turned their communities into.

    Our docent/racial scold also informed us that when a black man from a decent area that's not a ghetto #### hole comes around, they don't even recognize him as a black man. He said this with some scorn, like, "Oh, they all going white now, not a *real* black man." Because, you know, they speak nicely and have an education and have a job and dress well and raise their children - means they're not "black" anymore.

    Which pretty much explains how they allowed their communities to become ghetto #### holes - they see bettering themselves as something to be sneered at. They all keepin' it real.

    And that's fine - people can live how they want. UNTIL they stick their fat hand out and want me to pay for it. Until they want to blame me and say ignorant things like "white privilege". Until they want to bitch and moan about the problems they've created, and demand that someone come fix they can screw it back up again.

    Paterson is a beautiful area with a lot of history and interesting things to do and see...or it would be if it weren't for the locals turning it into Beirut. It's *screaming* to be renovated and rehabbed and turned into a place where people would want to visit and drop some disposable income. But they're going to have to drop a roach bomb and get rid of the yo's first.

    Other than that, we had a lovely day. The working class parts of East Jersey are retro cool and interesting. The stand around all day in front of the liquor store parts, not so much.
    A couple of things.

    1. I don't believe Paterson, NJ is the same at least in demographics compared to lets say Baltimore, MD etc.. I lived in Baltimore for 10 years, I believe Baltimore is predominantly black (like 85% to 90%) whereas Paterson, NJ is a 50/50 mix. An excerpt from Census 2010. "The racial makeup of the city was 34.68% (50,706) White, 31.68% (46,314) Black or African American". I don't feel that every major city that is failing or has it's mix of problems stem from African American issues. I know you did not directly say this, but I'm just getting it out of the way before it becomes that way.

    2. While I don't agree that "The US is the most racist country in the world", I do agree that DT ran his campaign on a ticket of racism, bigotry and Xenophobia. He placed all his bets that there exists a large enough group of those people in the United States that share this belief and won with it. In a way you can call him a Genius since many established and seasons politicians pretty much knew he would lose, but were wrong. While this "may" not make him a racist or bigot, his past history as well as behavior nowadays indicates him as a racist, he spends much of his time defending himself against little frivolous things, yet he dosen't do much defending himself against the many racist accusations.

    3. Your later comment regarding how "Our docent/racial scold also informed us that when a black man from a decent area that's not a ghetto #### hole comes around, they don't even recognize him as a black man.". In sociology we call "Passing" (Passing as White), this also relates to "Colourism". I find it somewhat of a disturbing and a difficult issue as I've dealt with this myself personally. Much of my mom's side is black (North Carolina). They are mainly poor, uneducated. They don't accept me since they feel that somehow I'm not part of them etc, since I"m educated, higher income and have a stable life. I make one of the highest salaries of anyone in my family (my parents, my mom's side etc...). I'm of mixed heritage and interestingly I find whites who treat me as white, blacks to treat me as black etc. It's an interesting part of race in this country. What angers me much are blacks who pass for white, who don't acknowledge their nationality or don't want to be part of their culture. These are the type who would prefer to mark "White" on a census form!

    4. I know many of these forums lean towards the conservative side of things, you listened to someone who was likely liberal. If I came in here and heard some conservative speech like this and came on here about how I disagreed with what was said. I guess much of the comments I would get would be he/she has 1st amendment or if I didn't like it I can leave or I'm a pussy liberal so deal with it etc...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bird Dog View Post
    Denver, San Diego, Portland, Seattle, Phoenix, Salt Lake City, There are others, but there is also a common denominator if you look.
    Portland is apparently liberal. :)

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