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Thread: California State Professor: If You Don't 'Bank Black, You Are Funding White Supremacy'

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    Let me see. This Professor of bigotry says that to not put your money into a black owned ban is supporting White Supremacy.
    The reverse of that is for me to put my money in her bank , and support Black Lives matter.

    I have no intention of supporting a group of racist blacks who don't care about ghetto killings and only get involved if a white or black cop shoots a criminal in the act .

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    Quote Originally Posted by GURPS View Post
    Koreans or Chinese run liquor, convenience stores or food joints in some of the roughest neighborhoods in the city
    [or used to when I worked NW DC doing plumbing work in the early 90's]

    Farakahn bitched then because Asians owned stores and blacks did not back then
    Marion Barry also had a famous quote about Asian store owners. Birds of a feather.
    "Is Uncle Monello homeless?"

    Monello thinks he is king of the forum, now. Just keep that in mind.
    What bad thing did you do?

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    “We’re going to put our dollars with OneUnited because we know OneUnited is going to help us develop a reparations fund for our people,”
    How generous of them!
    You can't be a real country unless you have a beer and an airline. It helps if you have some kind of a football team, or some nuclear weapons, but at the very least you need a beer. -Frank Zappa

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    Quote Originally Posted by Monello View Post
    Marion Barry also had a famous quote about Asian store owners. Birds of a feather.
    hmm maybe it was " My Main Man Marion Barry'
    Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.
    - Robert J. Hanlon.

    “There is a deeply anti-democratic undercurrent to much of the criticism of the new president, borne aloft by an assumption that democracy is too important to be left to the voters.”

    And if a statue can oppress you, then I submit that you have greater issues. - A West.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gilligan View Post
    How generous of them!
    It makes sense that the blacks invest their money in a black reparations fund. What could possibly go wrong?
    “In times of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act” - Geo Orwell

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lurk View Post
    It makes sense that the blacks invest their money in a black reparations fund. What could possibly go wrong?
    Hmmm.... Ask the folks who donated to the Fredericksburg Slavery Museum fund.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Monello View Post
    I'm always surprised when I learn that businesses in minority cities like DC are owned by Koreans or Arabs. You would think some enterprising minority would open a local business and tout that it was locally owned. Go figure. I guess it's just easier to bitch that the man is keeping you down.
    I'm not. Most of the interesting acts on America's got talent (basically everything that isn't singing/group dancing) are all immigrants too. Seems like being a small business owner goes hand n hand with the type of personality that would drive one to immigrate for the chance of a better life. And the barrier for entry is probably lesser in poor neighborhoods (though the loss prevention probably offsets a lot of that).

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    Korean immigrants have sort of an underground banking system that serves them well.
    If what I say offends you then you really don't want to hear what I keep to myself.

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