If you want real political chaos and real political violence, then just keep going down this path. You canít light the fuse and not get the explosion. I saw what happens when you toss away the rule of law Ė donít do it.

The hatred out there is real and growing. This is not a good thing Ė itís a terrible thing. People are buying my novels about the country splitting apart and the horrifying specter of actual civil warfare (Hint: itís ugly) because thatís where the establishmentís desperate schemes to hold onto power despite the will of the people, as manifested at the ballot box, all lead.

And the left is not ready for what its stupidity and greed could unleash. The establishment hacks think they can undermine the foundations of this country and not have it collapse on top of them. What progressives forget is that the rules, norms, and customs they ignore are not there to protect the normals, but to protect the weak and vulnerable elites who canít go to their gun safe and choose from a half-dozen long weapons when things get real.

Hereís how this goes: If you end the rule of law, you begin the rule of power, and the rule of power means the folks with the most guns rule. Do they think the predominantly red state soldiers of our military are going to murder other Americans and risk their own lives to secure the unearned power of a bunch of Chardonnay-swilling liberals and their fakecon lackeys?

If The Left Wins Their Soft Coup, Everyone Loses - But Mostly Them