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It needs to change, they need to hire more investigators and do better checking on recievers of benefits. It's as easy as sitting in your local VFW and listen...
I have a neighbor that's a maxed out 100% disabled tan card holder, three kids,wife,two dogs and a huge oxy, Vicodin problem. Wife is full time care giver lol and gets a check from SS or another gov Dept.
Says he blew out his knees and back with his 3 years on a Navy ship in the eighty's.
But he was doing local karate and MMA fighter up until two or three years ago.
He has no problems doing drug induced kata's at 2am in his backyard.
But yet he somehow qualifies for over 3 grand a month.

Then there the ever present veteran that repeatedly tells you how to beat and abuse the va's hearing tests in order to get a few hundred a month..

Yes I understand that we need to take Top Shelf care of our Veterans, as long as they were damaged in the line of duty. Or it can be proven later that the injury occurred from service duty.
But it's just run amuck that your 214 says you were in good health when you were discharged.. but 20 years later you can't hear or walk because of the mos you had during your time of service..And now you receive a these benefits... That in alot of cases you don't deserve.
Yup. See those guys all the time at the VA clinic, and retirees gatherings. I have the 10% for Tinnitus. My hearing seemed to be getting worse, so these guys told me about DAV reps that go to the local VA clinics for advice and help filling out forms. I had hearing tests done, and was given a rating of 0%, but the acknowledged hearing loss got me free, updateable hearing aids for life. These "advisors" then told me to reapply, and how to beat the system during the hearing tests. I just can't do that, and will be as truthful as possible during future testing. If it gets worse, they will detect it, but not from me lying to beat the system.

All vets should get what is legitimately coming to them. I for one, will not go to the VA for normal medical treatment, although I am eligible. I let my health insurance take care of that. I do not want to cheat any deserving vet out of medicalk treatment or payments that they really need