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Thread: uber in calvert

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    uber in calvert

    Are people using uber in the calvert/owings area? Are you able to get a ride? Cars in the shop and debating renting a car or trying to uber. Thanks in advance.

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    Thought about using Uber for going to Solomons and back(from PF) for a dinner I was was 40 each way. You can price it on their web site.

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    I've used Uber in the area a couple times as has my brother. Only a few times between the two of us and it's usually been from my house (just south of PF) to "downtown" PF such as Brick/Yo Mama's, etc. Basically anywhere that driving becomes problematic. When I sign on, there is usually only 1-2 cars working but the response has been spot on and it's easy to use. For those distances, my fee is like $10 and couldn't be easier (and certainly better than the alternative).

    If you're carpooling and splitting the fee - even better. I'd imagine PF and Solomon's is quite the fee given the distance. My biggest worry is getting an Uber there and not finding one for the ride back.

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    There are 2 - 3 Uber drivers in calvert. It's hit-or-miss. When I open the app, sometimes I see them sometimes they are not available. You usually see them in typical times (morning) and rush hour. Problem is if you see the car in lets say PF and you are in northern CC,they may decide to decline your offer. Especially if you are just going to the store or something stupid.

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