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Thread: WEIS in Callaway

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    I am always trying to do better with regard to meal planning & shopping. I actually like Shoppers. The store is huge and never seems crowded. The employees are generally helpful & I find their self-checkout fairly simple to use. I really like their ethnic food aisle

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    Quote Originally Posted by Potomac View Post
    I am always trying to do better with regard to meal planning & shopping. I actually like Shoppers. The store is huge and never seems crowded. The employees are generally helpful & I find their self-checkout fairly simple to use. I really like their ethnic food aisle
    I like Shoppers, too - for the ethnic aisle, plus they have amazing fried chicken on their hot bar.
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    Well, no matter how bad Weis is, it's better than not having any grocery at all which was a very distinct possibility when the parents of Food Lion and Giant merged.
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    2 words-farmer's markets.

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    I stopped at the Weis in California to pick up a 12 pack of Pepsi. They were $6 something, unless I bought some huge amount in order to get the discounted price. No thank you.
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    I've noticed that Weis is more expensive than Giant. So now, I go to Giant. I loved Food Lion.

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    Good to know that the hot bar fried chicken at Shoppers is good and reminds me that we have tried the fried chicken at @ Weiss 2x and it was pretty good

    Agreed that Weiss in Callaway is better than nothing; I remember those days

    I wish I could frequent the Farmers Markets more but the locations and times rarely work for me. Its a shame...... I really don't understand why we don't have better times & locations for our FM in this county, but that is an entire other discussion ...... I find it really disappointing

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    Well, I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one who feels this way. Food Lion was a moderate quality store with reasonable prices, not the best, but reasonable. Then Weis came in and made me realize that you don't know what you had until its gone.

    Its the same moderate quality as FOOD LION with ridiculous prices. Then they play the ridiculous pricing games where if you buy 10, you get a reasonable price. Who in the world needs 10 avocados at the same time unless you're making a big bowl of Guac for Super Bowl Sunday? Then, they make it so confusing as to what the price is if you buy just 1 or 2. Some times you get the "sale" price if you buy 1, other times you pay full price. You never know until you get to check out and the clerks don't know either.

    The only good outcome is that the staff is 100% more polite from when it was food lion, so they obviously do some training.

    Anyway, nothing will change as long as everyone puts up with it. Just boycott and go elsewhere even if you are inconvenienced. I go there for small items because it is 1 mile away and I'm not driving 16 miles round trip for a tub of ice cream. My total ticket is rarely over $15 when I go in there.

    P.S. We can thank the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT for forcing this upon them. Food Lion was bought out by a larger conglomerate and the government decided that the conglomerate would thus own too many food stores in our area and made them sell the stores. Of course, there is ample competition in this area for groceries and now we have a ####ty store with absurd prices. Sometimes government intervention is good, but more than not these days, it is a Charlie Foxtrot, (can anyone say OBAMA/HoyerCare).

    P.S.S. I am especially disgusted because I grew up with Weis Markets in Penna. Back in those days, there was only 1 or 2 stores in a town. The founder lived in my town. He had an indoor swimming pool which was a big deal back in the 70's. Now the kid runs everything and the company is privately held.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GWguy View Post
    then phase it out for less expensive, lower quality foods.
    It's called adjusting to the market.

    Why aren't there more Giant stores in St. Mary's? Because the corp doesn't believe there is a sufficient market to make them profitable.
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