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Thread: Call ID

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dupontster View Post
    I very very seldom answer but when I do and it is a Telemarketer I just give em a big ole "F YOU" and hang up..
    The robot doesn't care. I don't even waste my breath on them. I have to pick up my phone due to my job, spammers just get a hangup.

    The telcos are starting to realize that it harms their bread and butter product. The messenger apps have better end to end security than the phone system. The telcos could fix this if they wanted to. So far the pain doesn't seem to be bad enough.

    I always cringe when I hear of criminal cases or disciplinary action initiated based on CID.

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    I was at my mother's house, who is a senior. A call came in that was using a local number, so I answered it. It seems they were selling solar.

    Telemarketer: "Is the owner of the home available?"
    Me: "Speaking."
    TM: "I'm with blahblah solar panel company and would like to tell you about the benefits blahblah..."
    Me: "We don't have 'lectricity, and don't need it."
    TM: "How do you heat our home?"
    Me: "Woodstove."
    TM: "My that sounds like it would be expensive!"
    Me: "Nope, I jus' steal wood from my neighbor's woodpile."
    TM: "But, stealing is against the law!"
    Me: "That's okay, he steals from my garden, so it all works out."
    TM: (laughing, click)

    Having a job like that must suck, so I try to brighten their day a little. At least they're not sitting at home sucking on blunts all day and screwing anything that will hold still, expecting a free ride from the gubbament.
    Trust in God and keep your powder dry...


    Quote Originally Posted by vraiblonde View Post
    So you're pretty much a fountain of useless stupid.

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    you can get an app for your phone to fake the caller ID

    available to all on the interwebz
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