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Thread: Metrocast Sold to Cogeco (Atlantic Broadband)

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    Metrocast Sold to Cogeco (Atlantic Broadband)

    Cogeco to buy MetroCast assets for $1.4 billion to expand in the U.S.

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    Please neuter and spay your pets.... and your weird friends and relatives.

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    Even if you assume the customer service is typical (seems like all the big ISPs have horrible ratings), I'm not encouraged by their pricing. For Cumberland, the closest location I could find that they service, they charge $51.49 for 15Mbit internet service. They have "introductory pricing" for their 60Mbit tier at $29.99, but it jumps to $67.99 (vs $57 for Metrocast 50Mbit) after a year, and their 120Mbit is $80/yr (vs $76/yr for Metrocast 150Mbit).

    At least they claim not to have any caps on their service.
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    Sounds like prices are gonna go UP. So, we all might as well be ready to deal with it.....unfortunately.
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    Why can't we get a decent cable provider down here?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Christy View Post
    Why can't we get a decent cable provider down here?
    Isn't that an oxymoron?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Christy View Post
    Why can't we get a decent cable provider down here?
    I don't think metrocast is too bad considering the alternatives. A bit expensive on the internet only packages, but as you can see they are cheaper than the competition. We will never really get a good value unless there were a completing provider, which we won't get.

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    Does anyone have any personal experience with Atlantic Broadband? I have to admit, I'm a little concerned that I'm going to be paying more money for worse service, and my job currently depends on reliable service.

    And I am personally ticked off - really, all the time - that state governments allow cable companies to always have a monopoly in any area.
    It's always been my thought that if a company has a monopoly the government allows, it is incumbent on them to keep costs down.

    What it does mean - as far as I know - is that government doesn't regard cable as essential as say, water or electricity but it's becoming more clear that Internet access is far too vital to not give it that consideration.
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