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Thread: Tucker Carlson...lightweight?

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    Quote Originally Posted by vraiblonde View Post
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    I like Tucker okay. He has a disingenuous style that is subtly mocking, which makes me laugh because typically his guest doesn't understand that he's laying a trap for them and they dance merrily right into it.
    THAT's what I love about him! He definitely has a knack for doing this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bann View Post
    I've been following Tucker Carlson since he was a young pup on CNN - there was a show with that insipid Bill Press and then he was also on Crossfire. I like him, but he can get on my nerves when he is like a dog with a bone with some guests.
    He got owned by his atheist guest tonight. I kinda felt sorry for him because she was terrific, but he still had a job to do.
    "Too much agreement kills a chat."
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hijinx View Post
    Juan is a racist azzhole.
    He's a democrat. I know those 2 terms are redundant.
    "Is Uncle Monello homeless?"

    Monello thinks he is king of the forum, now. Just keep that in mind.
    What bad thing did you do?

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