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I'm not buying that he was consistently manhandled so outrageously from start to finish, and that when he called 911 the dispatcher also mistreated him. I am simply not buying that. If it turns out that he's telling the truth, I will gladly offer an apology and admit I'm wrong. But I'll bet you $10 right here and now that I'm not.

I know nothing about Sheriff Evans or his deputies. What I do know is that when a story sounds completely outrageous and unbelievable, it's usually a lie. And when someone takes their outrageous and unbelievable story to social media instead of filing charges, that doubles the likelihood that he's lying. The statement released from the Sheriff's office sounds WAY more plausible than this guy's tale.
I'll bet you the $10 that the truth is somewhere in the middle of both stories, but the dash video would tell a lot of the truth.