Across the busy highway from us is another rental cottage facility. This morning some dumbass' two dogs "got loose" and ran for it. Both crossed the street and came over to where we are. The one dog was out of control; the other came over to bark at Apollo through the screen door. Monello got some treats and I gave one to the dog at our door to try and occupy him, and the others to the guy chasing down the other dog, who was having none of it.

Neither dog had a collar on, so grabbing the one and keeping it there for its owner to collect was a no. He ate his snack and ran off again.

And just a few minutes ago I went outside to see that our neighbors' little Boston is unleashed and uncollared, running around in the yard while they pack their car.

Why is this so freaking hard???

Seriously, it's like dumbasses who text and drive after being told repeatedly not to do that, even after laws have to be made against it. Why is it so difficult for some people to follow the damn rules/laws in the interest of safety, especially when it has been demonstrated repeatedly what is likely to happen when you disregard them?

Good grief, people.