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Thread: Australian woman is fatally shot by Minneapolis police; bodycams were off

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    Quote Originally Posted by Clem72 View Post
    Ah. I was hoping you might have some crazy story about singing Do They Know It's Christmas with Bananarama. But I guess that was Ethiopia not Somalia (getting my famine stricken east African countries mixed up).
    Yeah, only crazy part was that our diplomatic clearance was good for one hour only. If you didn't hit the window, turn around and go back to Diego Garcia. Seems they were very precise about turning the old Soviet sourced anti-aircraft missile systems off for that window only. Our briefer said that even so, the risk was low, as out of the last three launches, one had not left the launcher before blowing, another had cleared the launcher by only a short time before self destruction, and the third did make its full flight. Also no night landings allowed, as turning on the blue runway lights would attract tribesmen who would come kill the "demons" with clubs.
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    Quote Originally Posted by GURPS View Post
    imagine that, we allowed the importation of Somali criminals
    Among the 30,000 or so that live in MSP there are a couple of hundred crooks. The majority of them are what makes the wheels turn in the twin cities these days. They just want to work and be left in peace like the rest of us .

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    Mohamed Noor, one of the two responding officers, shot her through the window of his patrol vehicle, killing her. He has declined to be interviewed by investigators.

    Hours later, the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension obtained a search warrant for Damond's home - a decision that later sparked outrage among the victim's neighbors and other members of the community.
    Agents checked the residence on Washburn Avenue for blood, hair, guns, ammunition, knives, drugs and 'writings.' They took nothing from the home.
    Investigators have issued a warrant to look through officer Noor's phone, as well as the phone of his partner, Matthew Harrity, Newscorp reports.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Chris0nllyn View Post
    Thank you for keeping up with this. I meant to do a rundown yesterday and got sidetracked.

    It just gets thicker and thicker.
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