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Kind of think you're right, but only because --

He started his whole Earth in the Balance/Climate change thing back in 92 - and some of his pics and suppositions in that book were wildly inaccurate.
So he DOES know by now - it's not on the level.

But what I hate about this is - if a man were against slavery - you'd think the minimum he would do would be to free his own slaves, right?
He would INSIST that people in his sphere of influence and his family and associates - ALSO free theirs, right?

When it comes to climate change - he does NONE of this. He preaches about it, but the most he does is pay money for carbon credits.
An actual believer would do their level best to make sure they weren't polluting the planet more. He just pays money so someone ELSE can clean the planet for him.
According to Google Alk Gore pays for the Carbon Credits to his own company. GIM . a Company run by David Blood. his partner.
They tell this sad story of the earth dying to try to convince others to pay into it also. So Gore has a financial bias to his stories.
GIM invests this money they have received in "Green Companies, that are having trouble making it, they lost a ton of money in their investments.
Trump sure isn't helping them by not going along with their BS.

Between May of 2008 and October of 2009 the CCX market value for one metric ton of carbon plummeted from $7 per metric ton to $0.10 along with the shareholders’ investment values. Losers included the Ford Motor Company, Amtrak, DuPont, Dow Corning, American Electric Power, International Paper, and Waste Management, along with the states of Illinois and New Mexico, seven cities, and a number of universities.

It's easy to see why he ignores the truth. It gets into his pocket.