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Thread: a1 s2 d3 f4 Fix

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    a1 s2 d3 f4 Fix

    This is for my future reference (and if it helps anyone else, great!)

    My Lenovo laptop keyboard (Windows 10) started typing weird things, but just the home row keys.

    asdf jkl; would add a corresponding number to the letter, to wit:

    a1 s2 d3 f4
    g and h were fine
    j7 k8 l9 ;0

    Search for solutions was unhelpful because geeks want to recommend convoluted solutions (coded in geek speak) for what turned out to be a fairly simple problem. Microsoft "help" topics were even worse.

    Update driver? BZZZT
    Drain battery and reboot? BZZZT
    Turn off Numlocks? BZZZT
    Turn off Sticky Notes? BZZZT
    Stand on your head and bark like a dog? BZZZT
    Didn't work? You're screwed and need a new keyboard. I KNOW it's a software problem, so don't tell me dumb things like that.

    The solution ended up being:

    Right-click Start
    Choose Device Manager
    Expand Keyboards
    Right-click the keyboard

    BOOM. Fixed.

    I've been fooling with this since 8am. Unfortunately there are a number of ways to "remove my keyboard" that didn't do anything of the sort. This is what finally worked. So next time I have this problem, I can google a1 s2 d3 f4 and this thread should show up in the results so I can get back in business.

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    Sounds like you had an enigma machine going there for a moment.

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    I've found that Windows Update likes to install updated device drivers, and everytime I do, the device screws up. I have disabled optional updates and only install mandatory updates.
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    Decepticon's... Damned Decepticon's....
    Originally Posted by littlelady View Post
    I just reported you. You are one scary individual.

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