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Thread: Did you have a big wedding?

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    Quote Originally Posted by kwillia View Post
    I might have been at your Bucksnort wedding party!
    I don't remember any juggling.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ken King View Post
    I don't remember any juggling.

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    large wedding 300 plus, we both come from large smib families. married at Christ church in chaptico and reception at sacared heart.
    25 years this year.

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    Imagine how much better America would be if you would simply don a pair a pants before sitting down at your Playskool My First 'Puter.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Ken King View Post
    First wedding, small. Second wedding (21 years ago today) quite a bit larger. Got married at a Bucksnort party, lots of friends, a few family members and a bunch of people we didn't know, great weekend.
    I might have been there, too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BadGirl View Post
    I might have been there, too.
    Me, too!
    Quote Originally Posted by kom526 View Post
    Dear Baby Jesus lying in a crib in Bethlehem,
    I thank your divine intervention that I was not drinking anything when I read this post.

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    Big wedding! My parents said I could choose a big wedding or $15k cash...why oh why did I pick the wedding Not saying I didn't enjoy the wedding because it was wonderful but it was just one day that was pretty much a blur anyways.
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    One wedding, 1978. Navy chapel at Makalapa Crater in Hawaii. His parents, my mom and the people we knew from the military - probably about 40 people, tops. We had a half keg of beer, some sammies and cake. 2 piece "band". If you've never been to Camp Smith NCO club, it's a million dollar view looking down the mountain to Pearl Harbor and the Waianae mountains Entire wedding cost us about $500, thanks to military prices. My husband was the first kid in his family to get married and it took years before his mother forgave me for not having a full Catholic mass (I'm not Catholic).
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    With Catholic guilt hitting hard (thanks to my church going mother), I conceded to a church wedding though I did not make guests sit through a full service!). Wife was very much pushing for running off to Vegas or some island and saving the coin. I should've listened. All said and done between the full-tilt reception (200 people), DJ, photographer, etc., I'd say we were in for close to $20k. And it was nice, not fancy (so I can't believe the price tag). The reality is that neither of us remember it and we've only been married 11 years. We will watch the video every now and again and pick up on people that attended or events that took face. So we essentially spent a ton of money for an event we more or less glossed through in a haze and for what amounted our guests enjoyment.

    Hindsight being 20/20 (and I tell all my soon to be married co-workers this), we wished we had put 1/2 that money in the bank and simply gone to an island for the ceremony. Maybe fly a few people down and to everyone else say "I'd love to have you down for our wedding. Here is the place, date and time. See you if I see you!".

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