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Thread: Nicolet Park

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    Nicolet Park

    Looks like a fun place to hang out.

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    This is why I believe parts of SoMD need to be re-districted into PG county.

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    Quote Originally Posted by steppinthrax View Post
    This is why I believe parts of SoMD need to be re-districted into PG county.
    if you read some of the police reports, it has. Local families bring relatives down to get them "away from the trouble".
    Unfortunately the trouble usually comes with them.

    I was ready for that one young woman to attack someone with the bat. Maybe she did, I stopped watching.
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    "you can't pay a nigga' to come #### wit me!!!"
    Quote Originally Posted by Larry Gude View Post
    I post stupid #### all the time.

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    Ahh yes..Nicolet Park....the counties finest open-air drug market and stolen property exchange bazaar.
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    don't forget the working girls and their clients.

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    Is this where the skate park was/is?

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    Would THIS face lie? Dupontster's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by DoWhat View Post
    Merry Christmas dickhead.

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    Dumb ass monkeys, doing what dumb ass monkeys do. Disgusting savages looking. acting and sounding like a herd of third world country thugs. BLM so much. So very... very much.

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