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Thread: Solar Panels

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    Solar Panels

    Just went on to SMECO's solar panel website. Looks like it would not save us enough to be worth it (would save $27 per month if we did a 20 year lease)
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    Did the math on my house a year ago. Despite a excellent Southern oriented unobstructed roof line, my savings weren't near your projected amount. Not worth it. Not only that, the batteries have to be replaced very 5/7 years. They won't charge/discharge forever. Same problem with all those electric car proponents. Them batteries ARE expensive.

    I heard firefighters hate those solar panels because of their obstruction to fighting a house fire. Like to hear an opinion from one.

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    Batteries? Huh?

    Solar City and leasing panels is not the best way to go.. for some its an only option, but the leasing company makes a fortune while you save about $25 a month, and you lease based on 100% of the solar cost. NO rebates after spending 3 times (or much more) the cost of the panels over the 20 year lease.

    We found our only viable option was to buy the panels outright.. giving us 30% cash back at the end of the year.

    Our break even is 8 years, and we've had negative electric nills all summer (installed in December)

    Leases and "no money down" and Solar Programs for Veterans .. make the solar companies a LOT of money and none of that profit is passed to you.
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