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Thread: Democrats Push ‘Anti-Islamophobia’ Bill.

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    Democrats Push ‘Anti-Islamophobia’ Bill.

    BEND THE KNEE FOR ISLAM: Democrats Push ‘Anti-Islamophobia’ Bill. Republicans Stall It.
    U.S. civil and criminal laws protect Muslims and non-Muslims equally, despite what grievance-mongers may claim.

    Republicans are stalling an “anti-Islamophobia” bill introduced by Representative Don Beyer (D-VA). The bill, inappropriately titled The Freedom of Religion Act of 2017 (HR 852), is framed as a pushback against President Trump’s so-called “Muslim-ban.” Failing to acknowledge that the president’s temporary travel ban restricts travel from just seven Muslim-majority countries deemed to be terrorist havens by the Obama administration, the activist piece of legislation aims to curb the executive branch’s ability to regulate federal immigration policy.

    The bill posits that “an alien may not be denied admission or entry to the United States, or other immigration benefits, because of the alien’s religion, and for other purposes.”

    First and foremost, foreign aliens are not provided with the same Constitutional benefits as U.S. citizens, so already Democratic Congressmen are on shaky waters. Second, Trump never banned an entire religion. He is targeting seven countries out of dozens of Islamic countries in the world. That’s hardly a “Muslim ban.” For instance, there’s no ban on Indonesia, the most populous Muslim-majority country in the world. Third, the phrase “for other purposes” is open-ended and vague. Democrats are allowing enough wiggle room and ambiguity so that they can try Trump in court if he dares to deny entry into the country based on linguistic or cultural requirements. For example, the United States has a vested interest in denying entry to individuals who are committed to practicing widow burning or honor killings regardless of race or religion. Perhaps Democrats consider such a restriction to be an outgrowth of so-called Islamophobia?


    While anti-Muslim bigotry should be a concern shared by all Americans, the so-called “Islamophobia” epidemic is ultimately fake news (just look at all the Islamophobia hoaxes). Muslims are far better off in the United States than countless war-ravaged Muslim-majority countries, including Syria, Iraq, and Somalia. U.S. civil and criminal laws protect Muslims and non-Muslims equally, despite what grievance-mongers may claim: Muslims (or better yet Islam) aren't any more special than Jews, Christians, Buddhists, or Hindus. By pushing special bills infused with the spirit of privileging certain religious sects, Democrats make a mockery of the law.

    there is no discrimination based on ISLAM .... Plenty of Muslims from other countries are allowed to visit / come here / emigrate
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    We’re tempted to suggest a conspiracy here — but it’s just liberals agreeing yet again that conservatives have hidden, evil motives, because modern liberals simply can’t conceive of any other reason to disagree with the liberal consensus.

    “Moral precepts are constant through the ages and not obedient to circumstances.”

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    We need a bill that makes it a capital crime to be a democrat.

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