to be honest... let me be clear... um.. when you um.. say "to be honest".. um.. you are.. um.. you were with your prior statements? be not work.

I really hate the um's when it comes to people on TV who should know better, journalists, interviewers, etc... also politicians.

With all those ums it conveys you're a habitual brain farter, likely of weak vocabulary, and likely were pushed through an education. Also likely profane off camera, but there's a difference from being profane by colorful choice selection and inarticulate ignorance.

There is an aussie based TV Show called "rake" (now copied in the U.S. {almost as good}) that rush limbaugh highly recommended to a caller, so i decided to check it out. I highly recommend it also. In one of the episodes a retired english teacher crashes corporate events and then a gov't press conference, annoyed at all the bloviating and protests it, saying it's dumbing down society and making language meaningless.. He gets charged with terrorism. You have to check it out.
Side note: if you're the innocent victim of infidelity or drug use, you may be annoyed at how often it occurs in the show. The show is entertaining though.