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Thread: Rubicon: WaPo Op-Ed Openly Calls For Political Violence

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    Rubicon: WaPo Op-Ed Openly Calls For Political Violence

    Rubicon: WaPo Op-Ed Openly Calls For Political Violence

    Do you see what is happening here?

    Because this is important...

    The Washington Post is openly legitimizing political violence against "racists" in an era where anyone who did not vote for Barry, who does not automatically call for the toppling of confederate statues, who does not like Obamacare, who supports Donald Trump, who opposes affirmative action ... anyone who is not politically "appropriate" and "correct" is declared a racist.

    The following might not be the most popular thing to say right now, but it is the Christian and American thing to say... Unless it is in self-defense, violence, even against Nazis, is immoral. People in this country have the right to be scumbags, and that includes those supremacist pigs who gathered in Charlottesville last weekend. As long as they remain peaceful, no matter how evil their ideas, they have the right to lawfully assemble. And the government, our government, is duty-bound by the very first Article in the Bill of Rights to protect that right.

    And the government failed ... and now there are reports that the failure was intentional, that the left-wing Antifa, a fascist hate-group every bit as evil as neo-Nazis, was allowed into the protest even though authorities knew the outcome would be a riot. Moreover, over the past year, this has happened around a dozen times in Democrat-run cities, and not just against white supremacists but against everyday Trump supporters. As a matter of fact, it happened Sunday in Seattle.

    It is not at all difficult to see what is happening here.

    Mark this day.

    Mark the day The Washington Post crossed the Rubicon and publicly legitimized nothing less than political terrorism.
    Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.
    - Robert J. Hanlon.

    “There is a deeply anti-democratic undercurrent to much of the criticism of the new president, borne aloft by an assumption that democracy is too important to be left to the voters.”

    And if a statue can oppress you, then I submit that you have greater issues. - A West.

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    “The truth will set you free, but first it will make you miserable.” - President James A. Garfield

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    So tired of being declared a racist because of my opinion.
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    This is why the left needs to die.

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    Undoubtedly sooner or later a person from one side or the other is going to tire of the BS and bust a cap in someone's ass.

    With the papers (the media) lying their asses and calling everyone at the rally a White Nationalist or Nazi and praising the fascist Antifa and BLM to the high heavens it is inevitable. One Hearst said "send me the pictures I will provide the war". This is what the Media is doing now,.

    The media is part and parcel of the biggest coup ever planned in this country, and they expect Trump voters to stand by and watch it happen.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Homesick View Post
    So tired of being declared a racist because of my opinion.
    I think we all are tired of it.
    People who want to protect and secure our history are being wrongly accused and called Nazi's or worse.

    The people in Charlottesville were ambushed with the full cooperation of the mayor and the Governor of Virginia.

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