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Thread: Antifa Protesters Arrested in Chicago After They Attack Cops Outside Courthouse

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    Antifa Protesters Arrested in Chicago After They Attack Cops Outside Courthouse

    Antifa did come prepared for their arrest, though, and while their colleagues were being shoved to the ground and handcuffed, they chanted "cops and Klan go hand-in-hand" and unfurled a crudely-painted banner likening Chicago police to the KKK.

    If they did get it wrong, this is the second major mistake Antifa has made in the past 48 hours. First, they managed to vandalize a statue in Atlanta that they thought was a monument to the Confederacy, but was actually a "peace statue" designed to promote a sense of healing in post-Civil War Georgia. Now, it seems they probably got their dates or details wrong, and attacked a bunch of cops — something law enforcement doesn't exactly appreciate — over an imaginary neo-Nazi offender.

    If we were betting people, we might just say that these so-called "anti-Fascist protesters" don't exactly have a top notch operation or, for that matter, a firm grasp on the Internet.

    Ridiculous as they are, the trouble with Antifa is that they're not only persistent in their attacks — and have no qualms about using violence, fomenting disorder, and attacking law enforcement — but that these sort of incidents go completely unnoticed by mainstream media. While CNN, NBC, and others focus on the dastardly threat around 200 alt-right figures and neo-Nazi marchers pose to the very fabric of our country, Antifa is racking up quite the rap sheet.

    Antifa Protesters Arrested in Chicago After They Attack Cops Outside Courthouse
    Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.
    - Robert J. Hanlon.

    “There is a deeply anti-democratic undercurrent to much of the criticism of the new president, borne aloft by an assumption that democracy is too important to be left to the voters.”

    And if a statue can oppress you, then I submit that you have greater issues. - A West.

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    Bullet to the head on every one of them ends the problem.

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    So the rules are they can attack any person who doesn't agree with them and the cops will stand and watch, but attack a cop and get arrested.

    They will be out before the cop has finished writing his report.

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