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Thread: All in: The left is through messing around

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hijinx View Post
    I believe the courts have pretty much given the press the right to print almost anything.
    True. Libel is about the only thing that they can do that might bring real repercussions and that's a pretty high bar to meet..

    I used to agree that was always a good unfettered and free press the best guarantor of a continued democracy and "honest" "open" government. But now, the press has by and large become an integral part of an entire side of the government. Indivisible..a captured outlet..mouthpiece..
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wishbone View Post
    One thing that might clean up the media would be genuine prosecution and civil liability for reports that were not 100% accurate. I'm talking criminally as well.
    Agree. Instead of letting it go, file libel and defamation charges against these lying douchnozzles. Hold them accountable. When anyone makes a threat of violence against our president, they need to be arrested and prosecuted, then punished. Bully their asses right back and uphold the law.

    We didn't used to tolerate death threats against our president, but now these ####ing animals are in rut and acting as ugly as they please - freaking government officials are emboldened to call for assassination. That crap needs to stop. I'm not sure why we're allowing this.
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