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Thread: Hatches Battened?

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    Hatches Battened?

    Just got inside.Name:  082117-WUNIDS_map.gif
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    Two fronts converging.
    Trust in God and keep your powder dry...


    Quote Originally Posted by vraiblonde View Post
    So you're pretty much a fountain of useless stupid.

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    Non event, just rain.

    I got a text from a friend in DC warning me....
    "It must be inordinately taxing to be such a boob."
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    Quote Originally Posted by GWguy View Post
    Non event, just rain.

    I got a text from a friend in DC warning me....
    Tell the folks in Dentsville its a non event. lol Im to close to Dentsville as the crow flies, pretty straight line west to east maybe 5-6 miles. Usually the storms do go west to east, luckily this storm cell with the possible tornado went a little south and east. I was watching it all develop on TV, till my damn DirecTV went to satellite cant find signal. We upgraded a few years back and every time now when a storm approaches, and doesn't even need to be that close they lose the satellite.
    Luckily for me I do have my FD pager and scanner and they both went off like crazy.
    Im at the 'House of Fire' right now and it sounds like some of the units are beginning to clear the area and return to their quarters. There are units from almost all of Charles and others from St. Mary's, PG and King George using the Dentsville EMS station as a command post.

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