For over 50 years, the Charles County Literacy Council has been a free, one-on-one adult tutoring non-profit teaching adults to read, to do basic math, get their citizenship, help with GED prep and with the military entrance exam! If you can read can teach adults to read!

Those with low literacy skills are vulnerable citizens both in terms of their socio-economic standing in the community and within their own families. It can stop someone from being able to vote, to be able to read and follow doctor’s orders and prescriptions, from obtaining job promotions to better support one’s family, from helping their children with homework, and from becoming more involved within their own church and other organizations. Volunteering as a tutor with the Charles County Literacy Council (CCLC) will allow you have to have a positive impact on one of the estimated 15,000 people in Charles County with functional illiteracy!

We hold a one-day workshop from 9am to 3:30pm. We have two scheduled workshops remaining in 2017: Saturday, September 30th and Saturday, November 4th. The workshop is held at our offices located in the United Way House, 10250 La Plata Road (Rt. 488), La Plata. An additional 4 hours of free, mandatory on-line training is required prior to the workshop date. There is a registration fee to help defray our workshop per tutor student cost of $60+. (If you are unable to pay the registration fee, we have a small grant fund to help.)

All tutoring is one-on-one with tutor sessions held in a public place, such as the library, McDonald's, BAM, etc. Time and where of all tutor sessions are worked out between tutor and the adult learner. Tutor sessions are one hour, once a week; however, if the adult learner wishes additional time that is worked out between the tutor and adult learner. CCLC provides all the necessary instructional materials and resources for free.

How you will tutor: This is what all the training is about! You will be using materials developed and published by ProLiteracy, an organization whose beginnings go back to the work of Dr. Frank Laubach and others in teaching illiterate people around the world to read. They are tried and true methods and materials. The teacher editions are scripted and tell you exactly what to do and say. To tie into your client’s interests, you will also incorporate other materials and techniques that you feel will motivate your client.

Contact the office our office for further information – 301-934-6488 or