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Thread: Keurig uses for non-coffee drinkers

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    Quote Originally Posted by SamSpade View Post
    I regret the days when I spent 5 bucks or more for a cup at Starbucks, because I had a crush on the redhead working there.
    It's amazing how much those things cost.

    No wonder so much effort is going into making the Cherry 2000 a reality.

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    I have mastered the flavored coffees for Keurig and now love to have a cup of the Cafe Vanilla or Caramel as my morning pick-me-up.

    So I decide to branch out and try something different - one that is not sweetened but has a flavor I like. Browsing the selections at Wally World, I spy 'Toasted Coconut' and think that sounds yummy and decide to give that a try.

    I pop a pod in the Keurig and smell the hot coconut aroma steaming from my cup. Ahh, this is going to be good I think to myself.

    I take a sip and expect my mouth to be delighted by this new experience. But...HOLY MOTHER OF GOD, this is wretched. Putrid. Vile.

    Okay, maybe it just needs to be doctored up a little. In goes a couple of teaspoons of sugar and a healthy dose of creamer for good measure. I take a delicate sip of my new concoction and swirl it in my mouth. Now it is sweet and creamy bile of the devil.

    Anyhoo, the rest of the package is up for grabs, free of charge.

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    Quote Originally Posted by warneckutz View Post
    Instant Grits
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    If I had a nickel for every gender, I'd have two nickels.

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