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Thread: Thorium Reactors

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    Thorium Reactors

    Gotta hand it to the Dutch.

    This one's for you Larry... wherever you are.
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    From the article..
    Not to mention the need to stave off climate change with clean sources of energy.
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    Quote Originally Posted by stgislander View Post
    Gotta hand it to the Dutch.

    This one's for you Larry... wherever you are.

    I was reading the same article earlier. Nice if they can pull it off but still years away from actual working plant the way I see it.

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    The great thing about molten salt reactors is, you CANNOT have a melt-down. You MUST intentionally heat it up to get it to run; if you don't KEEP it hot, it can't run.
    Got a problem, let it cool down by itself. NO accidents.

    Another is - it's freaking thorium, one of the most common substances on the planet (in that it is found everywhere, not necessarily in great concentrations).
    It's probably hard for any nation to corner the market on thorium.
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    Go for it. Can't hurt at all to do the research and trials, and still keep around a few uranium nuke plants to keep the arsenal upgraded while producing energy.
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