None of these 12 companies surprised me nor the four categories they were all in: airlines, banking, mobile telephone companies, or cable/satellite TV companies. Comcast is number 1 and Verizon comes in at 11.

One of the most important aspects of doing business for almost any company is customer service. A bad reputation can undermine customer confidence, and in some cases doom a business. Though nearly every major U.S. company claims to prioritize customers’ needs, many fall well short of expectations.
While companies are ultimately accountable for the level of service they provide, their customers’ perceptions are subject to factors that are often outside a company’s control. Companies can suffer if they operate in a less reputable industry, even if they offer decent service. On the other hand, customers might be willing to forgive some mishaps if an industry is better perceived.

24/7 Wall St. commissioned a survey from polling group Zogby Analytics to identify the companies with the most dissatisfied customers. For 12 of the 151 companies considered in the survey, at least 15% of respondents reported a “poor” service experience with the company.